Adventures in Africa book features student work

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A book about Africa featuring essays and photographs by University of Mississippi School of Journalism and New Media students is now for sale.

Adventures in Africa features the work of students who traveled to Southern Africa as part of several depth reporting trips, discovering information about the people, culture and countries, including Zimbabwe and Namibia.

The 216-page hardcover book can be purchased for $50 on Amazon. It was edited by Josie Slaughter, designed by Emily Bowen-Moore, and produced by Will Norton Jr., Ph.D.

Bowen-Moore, a UM instructional assistant professor of media design, shared insights about the creation of the book. She handled most of the photo editing and the entire book design from start to finish, including the publishing of the book.

Q. Tell us about the book.

A. “It is a photo book showcasing student essays and photography from the Southern Africa trip a couple of years ago. Eleven students participated in writing stories and gathering photos of life in Zimbabwe, Namibia, and surrounding areas, including Victoria Falls.”

Q. What do you hope others take away from the book?

A. “I would like for this book to bring inspiration and motivation to travel and document their experiences. As students in our school develop their skills in writing, telling stories, and documenting life within their photographs, I hope this book will help continue to motivate students and inspire them to reach far in their career goals. These annual trips are a wonderful opportunity to engage other cultures and places around the world, as well as providing academic credit.”

The UM Foundation helped fund the publishing of the print-on-demand book. The Amazon site features reviews from students who helped create the book.

“Stars there are unlike stars anywhere else,” said Slaughter. “There are thousands of them, ever present in the sapphire abyss, shooting across the sky and twinkling.”

Student photographer Faith Meyer described her visit.

“The great African savanna,” she said, “a place filled with everything from massive elephants and fuzzy bush babies to golden lions and graceful impala.”

Bowen-Moore said you can find the book on Amazon by searching for “Adventures in Africa by Josie Slaughter.”

To order the book, click this link. 

You can also find the eBook version on Bookshout at this link.